MV&EE Duo – November 13th



MV&EE – In fact still orbiting the earth in vermont is matt ‘mv’ valentine, once the brawn of the tower recordings, and erika ‘ee’ elder the CEO of Heroine Celestial Agriculture, together with their dog zuma they run the child of microtones terran library of exploratory music and sing songs with american avatars ‘the bummer road’ > ‘the golden road’. sometimes their own lunar blues, sometimes fingerstyle noise/space, sometimes lonesome frontier volk…always environments always rock. you will find many are one (mv/ee/willie lane/samara lubelski/doc dunn (and fellow golden roadster chris davis) and they kinda have their shit together on guitar dimensions/amp realms, cocola firebird/lap steel, jazzmaster/octron weight, solar strings/bass, pedal steel and mighty tubs…respectfully and yours hanging loose.

Also playing: Rob Coye Solo, Words For Snow, The Human vs. Mechanical Ape

$5-$10 Donation

Show starts @ 8:30


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