Atlantic Drone Record Release Party – October 30th

Atlantic Drone

Atlantic Drone

CIRC 001 ART lp COVER copy

ATLANTIC DRONE’S music holds all of the sensations associated with true psychedelia: the meditative hypnotics of prog forefathers Can, the reckless propulsion of free jazz, the kinetic energy of early King Crimson, the soaring intensity of Soft Machine, the swirling throbs of early Butthole Surfers, the natural beauty of Brian Eno’s ambiance and the schizophrenic scuttle of Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band. Far from creating a nostalgic tribute to a previous age, ATLANTIC DRONE is a redefinition of the sonic trip, creating a sound that is both exhilarating and Zen-ful; serving up an atom to the melting molecular soup of Post Psychedelic Hypno Mantras that point more to the future than to the past.

ATLANTIC DRONE’s sound began with a lysergic vision of a swirling and fitful heaven which was then sweetened with thickly layered harmonies, blissful atmospheres and busy arrangements that arose as much from the quality of musicianship as from producer Steven Cerio’s command of studio orchestration and composition.  A sound arranged from a wealth of instruments; each competing for the one highest form and illusion: theremin, an extensive array of horns, organ voices, guitar textures and percussion varieties. Majestic amorphous cauldrons of melodic oddities and cosmic hymns lay twitching under clouds of swirling drones. Tantric struggles extending into the acid drenched space of post psychedelic hypno ragas. Mandalas of melodies as intoxicating as cheesecake layered with lyrics spoken in the cryptic language of psychedelia. Every sound blends ambience, rhythmic intensity, pastoral passages and lyrical lullabies. Every track is bred of the soaring beauty found in all true psychedelia.

ATLANTIC DRONE was founded in upstate New York by Steven Cerio, who for decades has designed graphics and posters for such diverse acts as King Crimson, Moe, Electric Frankenstein, Ministry, Les Claypool, White Zombie, Negativland, Widespread Panic, Yonder Mountain String Band, Monster Magnet, Echo & The Bunnymen and Man or Astroman? among others. Perhaps Cerio is best known for his wealth of animation and graphics for the blinkless stare of The Residents, which were recently inducted into New York’s Museum of Modern Art but as a musician, he has left a legacy of ambitious percussion on now classic recordings with: Dee Dee Ramone’s Sprocket, Railroad Jerk and Drunktank and has also performed live with Jad Fair (Half Japanese), Ron Asheton (Stooges), and free jazz legends William Parker and Jemeel Moondoc.

ATLANTIC DRONE has achieved a synthesis of historical proportions with a cast that includes: Dave Rick (Yo La Tengo, Bongwater, King Missle, Phantom Tollbooth), Wm Berger (Love, Uncle Wiggily, Fly Ashtray), Michael Duane (Dustdevils), Laure Barges (Dragibus), Sal Canzonieri (Electric Frankenstein, The Thing) and Jim Gibson (Wicked King Wicker, Toothfairy, Unholy Swill), Scott Oliver (Deciduous vs. Conifer, Autumn in Halifax, Oliver/Reeg, Torus, Words For Snow), Jethro Deluxe (Wallmen), Greg Pier (Mandate Of Heaven), Mike ((P)) (Beauty Scene Outlaws, Words For Snow), Jason Martin (Evolution Revolution, Brown Cuts Neighbors) Bryan Kieser (Brown Cuts Neighbors), Georgette Nicolaides, and Emily Church.

ATLANTIC DRONE is the answer to the trendy angst and dull-brained aggression of today’s numbskull dribble. Sonically charged without any sign of this stereotypical passive aggression and fashionable angst everyone has come to expect from the avant-garde and commercial radio alike. With their solid underground following firmly in tow, ATLANTIC DRONE have appealed to a broad spectrum of listeners. Their self-titled debut on the seminal NOISEVILLE label is a set of blissful psychedelic prayers, each wrapped in its own unique galaxy. A Vivified Sugar Cube Explains the Universe, their second release (and first by Chicago’s CIRCADIA RECORDS), continues the pilgrimage towards sonic delight. Welcome to the new universe.

Atlantic Drone ….12″ LP Record Release Party

October 30th @ 8pm

Atlantic Drone will be performing a set of improvised music inspired by “A Vivified Sugar Cube Explains the Universe”. Performers will include Steven Cerio (drms and perc), Scott Oliver (gtrs and harmonica), Bryan Kieser (alto, tenor sax and homemade horns), Mike ((P)) (gtrs), Jethro Deluxe (bass), Georgette Nicolaides (violin), Mike Burton (drms), Greg Pier (gtr) and others TBA.

$5-$10 Donation

Records and T-Shirts will be available at the show.


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