Digital Primitives – September 25th


Master musician instrument builder Cooper-Moore is setting the tone with the diddley-bo, twanger, mouth-bo, the fretless bango (your dictionary won’t find it but your ears would love it), and Assif Tsahar is free flowing expressive as ever on his tenor Sax and bass clarinet while Chad Taylor ruff’s it up pushing the groove deeper and the deeper. Together they tell us a story that is both dramatic and joyful, keeping it always close to the heart.”-Hopscotch Records

““phantastic” is too small a word. So is “excellent” and even “amazing”. These superlatives, wild and right as they are, downplay the show of “Digital Primitives” as they do not express the main feeling that arouse in the lucky ones who saw them in action – happiness in the face of the rare meeting with music in its most pure and free manifestation. Music that emerged from a deep, primal even childish place, where the accepted distinctions between simple and abstract, serious and eccentric, accessible and esoteric seem artificial and fake.”
(HA’ARETZ -Ben Shalev)

“I wouldn’t count on hearing another one like this anytime soon but for now it’s the freshest thing around.”
(Brain Morton – WIRE)

$5-$10 Donation

Show starts at 8pm


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