Beauty Scene Outlaw’s Cavalcade of Covers – May 9th 2009

On May 9th, 2009 we will celebrate the first annual Beauty Scene Outlaw’s Cavalcade of Covers.  The BSO have invited several of their friends for a night of classic (and not so classic) covers.  Here’s a list of the performers:

Mad Pillows & Blankets: BSO drummer John Bateman & his young cohort Eddie are dragging out the scary stuff!

Michael Hentz: New Thing Productions founder and member of American Sphinx & Heavy Hymns will be performing a special set of white, flowering, flowing covers.

ORaa: Oliver Reeg & Associates (from Rochester) have a special experimental cover or two up their sleeves.

Jethro Deluxe: Former Wallmen bassist and current Econoline Cowboy will croon his way into your greasy hearts.

The Fallen Archies: Our favorite cover band!

Beauty Scene Outlaws: Very special songs from very special people!

The show will start promptly at 8:30.

Donations will be $5.00


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