Grid Mesh & BCPH Quartet


Grid Mesh: As usual in Berlin, the Grid Mesh group is the result of a project involving musicians who themselves are involved in many other projects of apparent complete stylistic heterogeneity. Consequently, a Grid Mesh piece of music is rarely monolithic when it comes to style and instead draws from the various free improvisation backgrounds of the musicians while still resulting in a unique band sound that often has early Jazz collective improvisation qualities. The best metaphor is probably to compare it to a trans-continental journey by train where every time you look out the window the landscape has completely changed while still feeling at home.

Andreas Willers, guitar
Frank Paul Schubert, alto and soprano saxophones
Rudi Fischerlehner, drums

BCPH Quartet is part of the burgeoning Central NY, experimental scene featuring members of Atlantic Drone, American Sphinx, and  Words For Snow.  They combine elements of Free Jazz, Psychedelic & Prog with a touch of Drone.

John Bateman: Bass,  Steven Cerio: Drums/Percussion, Michael Hentz: Guitars/Loops, Michael P: Guitars/ Loops

March 18th @8pm

$5.00 – $10. oo Donation


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